Dr. Bobby Kumar Kalotee

Friends For Good Health (USA)When he was young and needed medical care. a kind hearted doctor helped him get better
He understood the importance of helping Some text..children and mothers especially since they…

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Wioleta Dusza

Friends For Good Health (USA)  Chairwoman (Poland) for Friends For Good Health USA providing necessary medical services in the most affected regions of the world.

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Ken Epstein

Friends For Good Health (USA)  Chief Technology Officer (USA) for Friends For Good Health USA

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Dervla Meegan Kumar

Department of Geosciences in University of Arizona

Advisor at The Department Of Gecscierces At The University Of Arizona which Is Ranked #3 In Geology. #8 In Earth Sciences. And #11 in…

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Jani Vishwanath Jagtiani

Healing Lives (UAE)
Producer H2OMOVEMENT movie

Born to a south Indian Brahmin family in Coimbatore, India Jani Viswanath was raised in Afghanistan.
As a daughter of an educationist and a diplomat her exposure to…

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Dr. Sanjana Jon

Par Anand Charitable Trust

Philanthropist/International Fashion Designer

Human rights/Activist specially in support of “Walk for water the H2OM Movie & the Movement”

Dr. Sanjana Jon, who received her honorary degree from Kings University USA started…

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Pankaj Tatia

Managing Director of a result oriented investment banking firm

Pankaj Tatia is the Managing Director of a result-oriented investment banking firm
that look forward to pride itself on its creative financial solutions. He…

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CA Anita Sethia

Managing Partner of Mark Square and demonstrates a
varied work profile from debt syndication to CSR

CA Anita Sethia is the Managing Partner of Mark Square and demonstrates a
varied work profile from debt syndication…

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Bency George

Chairman, Blue Ocean Business Facilitation Services

Bency George Arackal is the founder & Chairman of Blue Ocean Business Facilitation Services which is
a group of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants. Retired IAS Officers and Management…

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Executive Producer

Worked in Delhi Heights with Shivaji productions Part of various renowned bollywood films named jugaad, Zila Ghaziabad, Desi Kattcy. Currontly associated with M/S Anand Kumar Productions Put Ltd

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